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  Highlights of the Basic Language Course

    The BASIC Language Course includes the following materials:

  • Two books, 27 Chapters, 385 pages, and 602 complete programs.
  • Book I [ Chapters 1 to 15 ]: 160 pages in pdf format.
  • Book II: Advanced BASIC Language Programming
         [Chapters 16 to 27 ] 225 pages in pdf format.
  • Teacher's Manual in pdf format [ solution of 602 exercises ].
  • All 602 BASIC files incorporated in both books.
  • Requirements: Windows/Mac computer, a pdf reader,
         and QB64 to type the source code and compile it.
  • Link to Download QB64 - It is free

  • Includes: Books I, II and the Teacher's Manual in pdf format.
  • Price: $75.00
  • Academic Level: 8th to 12th grade
  • waves program
  • Regular and Advanced

  Book I: Beginning BASIC Language

  • Includes 247 complete programs.
  • This textbook and workbook has 160 pages in pdf format
  • Chapters Studied:

    1. The PRINT Statement
    2. Beginning Text Graphics
    3. Advanced Text Graphics
    4. Beginning Punctuation
    5. Advanced Punctuation and GOTO Statement
    6. Beginning Arithmetic Operations
    7. Advanced Arithmetic Operations
    8. Love Program
    9. LET Statement and Numerical Information
    10. LET Statement and Alphabetical information
    11. INPUT Statement
    12. IF-THEN Statements
    13. Beginning READ-DATA Statements
    14. Advanced READ-DATA Statements
    15. Beginning String Manipulation
    16. Advanced String Manipulation

  Book II: Advanced BASIC Language

  • This textbook and workbook has 355 complete programs
  • and 225 pages in pdf format
  • Chapters Studied:

      Love Physics Graph
    1. BASIC Functions
    2. Mathematical Functions
    3. PRINT USING Statement
    4. Beginning FOR-NEXT Loops
    5. Advanced FOR-NEXT Loops
    6. Beginning High Resolution Graphics
    7. Intermediate High Resolution Graphics
    8. Advanced High Resolution Graphics
    9. Computer Music
    10. Arrays and Subscripted Variables
    11. Sequential Data Files
    12. Advanced Programs

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